Leadership in the Office

Leadership is one of the most important areas where relationships are cultivated in the workplace. The key to being a good leader is building solid relationships based on trust. One common misconception about leadership is that you must be in a leadership position to lead. However, you can be a leader even if your role is as a “follower,” so to speak.

Leadership is more than just telling people what to do. In fact, if this is your leadership strategy, you may want to rethink your position. The mark of a good leader is one who expects excellence both from himself and others. He (or she) is trustworthy and follows through while encouraging others to do the same. A good leader can lead by example. If you are not working at least as hard as those you lead, they will be less motivated to perform their best. Do your best and expect it from others. If not, you will lose credibility.

In the end, leadership requires the same things as any good relationship. Cultivate positive feelings through honest communication, sincere expressions of gratitude, genuine conversations, and an optimistic outlook. People respond to positivity. Do not be the grouch who complains about what is wrong or blame others for problems or failures; instead, offer respectful solutions or alternatives to improve the workplace. When you treat others with respect and are an example of the excellence you wish to produce, people will rise to the challenge.

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